Thursday, August 23, 2012

29 September Papier Plesier classes

Dear blog friends
Just a reminder that we have postponed our 9 August class to 29 September. to get you excited to book for the classes I will share a variety of craft caddies that I made for my two fellow co hosts of Pasella aired on SABC 2 on 12 September.

Jana's gift
Helene's gift

The craft caddy is so handy! On the photos you can see how I made the second one as a gift for a baby and the first one as a general storage space.

You can use it for your TV remotes, salt, pepper and salad dressings - just place it all in your caddy and put it down on your table. You will most definitely be the talk of the party!

In addition to the craft caddy you will make Beaded flowers as well.

for reservations email Benice:

Happy crafting