Thursday, January 19, 2012

Document Holder

Hi everyone!
Here is something to welcome you to our blog.
You can buy this document holder at most big stationary supplies stores.
I have altered mine to keep my travel documents in one place.

I used:
Three sheets of patterned paper,
a sticker sheet,
bits of ribbon and
some paper tape. 

Double sided tape and Mono Aqua glue will work well to adhere your papers to the holder.

Put down some double sided tape to the inside flap,
Place the paper on the inside.  Turn the document holder
over and trace around the hole in the small flap.

Cut out the small piece of paper using a craft knife.
The photo above is what you are aiming for.

Measure and cut the inside paper so that you
leave the bend in the middle of the document holder open.
Adhere with double sided tape.

Now cover the bend with the paper tape.

Use any stickers to pretty up your work of art!

Turn out the side flaps and cover them with paper.

With your other patterned paper you can create an
inside folder to assist in easily lifting out the content.
Make two folds in the middle of this folder as per the photo above.
Use a corner rounder punch to finish off the four corners.

For the outside of the flap, cut the paper into any shape you like.
Use the same shape and cut another piece. Glue together.

Embellish with the rest of the stickers and some black card stock.

Stick down the ribbon and if you want to...
add a few stamped images of your choice.
Thank you for stopping by!

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