Monday, October 29, 2012

Getting ready for a Creative Christmas

Handmade gift wrap,
huge paper flowers,
paper bunting,
Washi tape notepads and gift bags......
these are a few of my favourite things....
 and we made them all during our class on Saturday.
These boxes and flowers are some of the easiest and
most stunning projects to make for Christmas.
Do them in any colour combo you like
and make the flowers really BIG.

When making your bunting, ensure that the
paper you use as backing, is strong enough.
Before you make the fold to cover the string,
you can also put down a piece of double sided tape
on that fold (but don't remove the backing).
This will prevent the string from pulling through your paper.

Many uses for one product, that is my kind of product.
Buy a ready made notepad. Cut a sturdy craft cardstock
slightly bigger than the notepad.
Do your scoring and folding.
Then make some washi tape or use ready made ones.
For this note pad, we made washi tape from tissue tape,
crinkle paper, a serviette (napkin) and some
Tim Holtz tissue wrap.
So much fun and so easy to work with.

The last project on the day was to use up all the self made
washi tape and decorate Christmas favour bags,
using doilies, rubber-stamping and loads of imagination!!

Thanks to all of you who joined us for this class.
As always, we enjoyed it with you! 

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