Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Snap Journal

It was bitterly cold on Saturday, but we had a wonderful class with
some very crafty ladies. Here are the photos as promised.

On the front cover we did stamping, masking and spraying.
We even used a bit of coloured texture paint.
(The texture paint is a Dala product.) 

 Remember to sew a button to the front cover and use a ribbon or
string from the back cover to close up the journal.

On the inside front, glue down the embellished envelope.

For the page on the left, cut out a few flags from card stock.
 Doodle the washing line and the borders around the flags.
Write down a quote.

For the page on the right we used Dala ink to colour the artist
water-colour paper. Some stamping, tissue tape and a bit of
glimmer mist were added to finish off the look and to create some depth.

On the corrugated paper we used acrylic paint and a foam stamp.
The edge was brushed with a sponge brush and the same acrylic paint.

The swirly stamp was stamped with white Brilliance ink and the tree
was stamped with black Archival ink.

Join the two seed envelopes with an off cut piece of paper to ensure they are stable.
Doodle all around the edges.

Dala Sunpaint was used to paint the canvas paper. Stamp on the canvas when the paint
is dry and use the same image to stamp onto old book paper. Cut out the images
and glue them down onto the canvas sheet. On a piece of raw canvas,
stamp a quote using black archival ink.

Remember you can do a lot of stitching or doodling to finish a look of each page.

 Glue down some card stock strips on both sides of your plastic pockets.
Make a hole template and use it on each page to mark the holes.
Punch the holes and assemble the book using metal rings.

Remember, this is your book, do as you please and enjoy the process.

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